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Center (C.P.R.C.)

A Poem from Alea Gonzalez

So often, people use the word “retarded as a joke, 
Like it’s funny
But that eight-letter word doesn’t define me
It doesn’t define ANYONE, it’s an outdate term
“But it’s politically correct!” 
Maybe, in the 1970s, but not now
We’ve updated, upgraded, yet somehow
It’s still an everyday word used by everyday guys
Who think using the R word makes them look wise
Well, they're mistaken, as far as I’m aware
They need to realize that people truly care
I care, to be honest, I care a whole lot
Because our kids are coming home verbally shot
“You’re such a retard!” gets dropped on the daily
So much so, our kids are afraid to speak
For fear of being bullied…
It’s offensive to kids like me
It’s offensive in general, and quite uneccesary
Listen up men, it’s about to get scary –

Do you know how many adjectives there are for the word “stupid”? 
Forty-nine, and that’s just in English
Not even counting words like “silly” and “dingus”
So why would you, a smart individual – 
Try to be cynical, make a whole group of people miserable?
Make us seem invisible? No – not anymore. 
We are invincible, unsinkable
And to think, it’s unthinkable
That you would stoop so low as to insult us
You don’t even KNOW us!
We are smart and bright
We’re full of light
And I will continue to write – 
I will continue to fight
Until this word is dead and I’m forced to retire
But until then, I’ll spread this fire
I’m spreading the word to end the word
And maybe, one day, it’ll be unheard

​Ban the "R" Word Campaign

Spreading Awareness Throughout Eastern Oklahoma